Billie Holiday and Nina Simone 'Strange Fruit' Juneteenth Blackout Takeover by Vi Curious Podcast


In honor of Juneteenth, we will reshare a link to a special episode of the Pepe and Ybra music podcast where they had a Blackout Takeover by Black creators Paul and Lesha from the Vi-Curious Podcast:


The following episode will be the first official blackout takeover of the music podcast, Pepe & Ybra. Paul and Eleshia are co-hosts from the Vi-Curious Podcast, a podcast by Black creators about society, culture, anime and everything in between. For those just tuning in for the first time, Pepe and Ybra is a podcast about music and creativity, but for this episode, Black creators such as Paul and Lesha are taking it over in honor of Juneteenth.  They'll be discussing two powerful women singers Billie Holiday & Nina Simone. Corrections:

1. Billie Holiday was born 1915 not 1929
2. 17:45 time Stamp: Rand Paul said he is seeking to amend the legislation to create a new serious bodily injury standard that would ensure that crimes resulting in a substantial risk of death and extreme physical pain can be prosecuted as lynching.
3. 43:00 'Hound Dog' was created by Big Mama Thornton
4. 44:16 Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama

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00:00 Who is on this episode? Paul & Lesha from the Vi-Curious Podcast
00:16 What Pepe and Ybra is all about
00:57 Support our podcast for free
01:17 Countdown to talk ("Something Unspoken" Theme)
01:32 A Quick Primer on Juneteenth
21:54 Q1 -  About the writer behind "Strange Fruit"
25:37 Q2 - Billie & Nina singing their pain
35:22 Q3 - If Nina got a scholarship to pursue classical music
47:32 Q4 - What would Billie & Nina think of Cardi B's 'WAP'?
57:27 Q5 -  Are today's Black artists responsible to spread awareness & represent?
01:12:02 Outro: what's next, support our podcast
01:13:25 Sample of "Something Unspoken"

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