From Homeless to Resilient: Bryan Crumpler Brings Social Change Through Music

Bryan performs Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire i.a. in Brussels with Ensemble Aton. Sara Picavet, co-founder of Aton' et Armide Lost in Marginalization Close your eyes and pretend you are a distinguished music scholar having studied classical music performance, awarded a Magna Cum Laude for academic excellence with numerous scholarships, winning international competitions that spanned nearly 100 concert venues and 4 continents. Your compositions of two dozen singles, LP, and EPs air frequently on the radio, reaching a million listeners each week. Next, transition yourself to the future. You have been evicted from your home; losing your instruments, computer, and music equipment. There is nothing more devastating than achieving and performing at the highest level to then having nothing, at a moment’s notice. Now, open your eyes and look around you. Most of you might be relieved that you are reading this on a device you own in the comfort of your home. Unfortunately, that relief

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