Marina Harris Raising Dissonance: a Soprano Who Cannot be Silenced

TRIGGER WARNING: The article you are about to read contains disturbing content and may trigger an anxiety response, especially in those who have a history of trauma.
Imagine having a negative bank account while still having to pay tens of thousands of dollars in student loans for the music school you recently graduated from. Then, you quit your part-time job because you received the call to sing in a leading role for a top opera production. Your childhood dreams are coming true. Flash forward to opening night in the dressing room and you get unwanted advances from a colleague. Or a famous singer. Or the conductor. You’re shocked and decide to not say anything. We’ve all trained ourselves to believe, 'the show must go on'! You don’t want to be the one responsible for halting the production. You’ve worked your whole life to land this role and your understudy is eagerly waiting to replace you. After the show, you confide in friends and they encourage you to say something. When you…

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